Monday, August 27, 2012

Just the facts ma'am

I'm at week 2 with my "lifestyle" change. It's been interesting and hard. My new motto is "quit slacking and make shit happen". It's the longer version of "just do it". And to be honest it's helped me not just with working out, but with other things too.
A couple weeks ago I posted about trying to come up with a schedule that works for this family. Well, I came up with one. Sticking to it is another story. I guess you can say it's a work in progress. But at least it's not dead in the water! We're sticking to the spirit of it, and working together on it.
One thing I have stuck with is the diet and exercise. I hit the gym after dropping the munchkin at school. It's only a mile from his school. I only had time one day last week for strength training because of different things, but I've been trying a training routine for beginner runners. And I'm really happy with my progress. So here are week 1 and 2 pics, and the new stats. Minus the measurements. I'm also posting my cardio stats, cuz I'm really happy with them!
Week 1 weight: 158.6
Week 2 weight: 155.6
Monday 1.27 miles 20 minutes
Tuesday .98 miles 15 minutes
Wednesday 1.27 miles 20 minutes
Thursday 1.35 miles 21 minutes
And I've been under my calorie goal every day, except Monday.
I'm going to try to post every week on my progress. Next week I'll link to a few sites that I use for inspiration. I'm using for tracking. If you'd like to follow my progress there, my user name is ChnkyMomNoMo.

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Don't wear black in pics! You cant see it right in comparison