Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cha Ching!

So one of my goals that I've had forever, but haven't really accomplished much with is getting organized.  Let's face, I have good intentions but horrible follow-through.  I really really want to be this glamorous organized paragon of motherhood/wifeliness (<---I just made a new word y'all!).  Alas, as my stepdaddy used to say "wishes in one hand and shit in the other...which gets fuller faster?"  BUT 2015 is my year y'all!!!  I can feel it :-)
I'm starting with baby steps and taking the little accomplishments as they come and building upon them.  So this is what I've done so far...
I am staying on top of when my school work is due.  For just about forever I've run behind on that, and my undergrad GPA paid the price.  As long as I passed right?  Not so much does that work in grad school where there is a required GPA.  So no more late assignments.  I will be up sometimes till the wee hours getting it done by the due date, but by God it will be done!  I've also in the past let participation slide because it's only 10 points of my total grade.  But those 10 points are 10% of my grade and whole letter grade.
I'm also really buckling down on tracking our finances.  For a long time now we've spent every penny that comes in the door - and then some.  Mostly because I've been lazy on budgeting and tracking where our money goes.  This is an area where I'm making baby steps.  I'm using an app on my phone called Checkbook Pro, which cost me I think $1.99 on the Google Play store.  I'm trying to remember to track every single expense, which is a step closer to sticking to our budget.
Hubs and I have talked it over and we're going on a spending cleanse for the entire month of February.  There are a few things that are not exactly necessary to survival, but they're things we've committed to, so we'll be doing that.  But other than that we're not spending a dime unless it's crucial to our continued existence.  Plus I sit here and map out a budget each month as part of participating in the Military Warrior Support Foundation program.  If I'm going to spend the time doing that, we're going to follow it.  Whether Hubs likes it or not.  Ok...whether I like it or not.  We have to do this because while we've been given this great opportunity to own a home with the MWSF program, we're not saving anything and we're not getting any closer to our dream home.
So that's what I've done so far.  Anyone have any great tips that helped them get on track financially?