Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's now or never!

In my last post I promised to post some before pics, along with all the measurements.  Oy vey!  How I am dreading hitting publish on this post.  But doing so pushes me to a new level.  This will no longer be a fantasy in my head.  No longer something I talk about occasionally.  It will be something that I have to do.  Because now I am accountable.  I am accountable to all of you who actually read this and give a shit.
But now is time to be honest.  Brutally, painfully honest.  I am not happy with the way I look.  I don't think I have ever been truly happy about my looks, but then who is?  Jennifer Aniston probably, but lets face it.  The girl is pretty damn perfect.
Anyway, back to me.  So, yeah.  Really unhappy with my looks.  And I now there's the whole "you're over 30...you had two babies...blah blah blah".  Don't get me wrong, I look at my kids and am amazed that I made them.  I MADE them.  In my body.  That's pretty damn amazing right there.  But they have been evicted.  And as I am no longer breast-feeding, my body is mine again.  To do with what I choose.  And no matter what excuses I have made to myself and others over the years, the way I look is a choice I have made.  Every time I eat when I'm not really hungry.  Or eat some fat-laden calorie bomb over the more healthy options.  Every time I sat on my ass watching tv or reading instead of being active.  Every time I drove 2 minutes instead of walking.  Every time I did that I chose to stay this way.
Well, I can't do that any more.  I AM over 30.  And every year that goes by means it gets that much harder to change what's here.  It also means another year of being unhappy.  And while there are health risks that I am trying to avoid by getting my weight in check, I'm being honest here.  I'm tired of being the chubby one.
Sooooooo....without further ado...or more procrastinating...here are the gory details:

I am now at 158.6 pounds.  And here are the measurements: 
Arms: R 12.5" L 12.5"
Bust: 40"
Waist: 36.5"
Hips: 43.5"
Thighs: R 23 L 23
I don't want to get super skinny, or all scary-ripped.  I like my curves.  It's the rolls I'm not fond of.


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Rayna! You look great already but we all strive for something else. Just remember to do a little something every day and it will all add up!

Hector Latorre said...

Rayna, you know that my love for you goes beyond looks, Even though your looks is what attracted me in the first place. My goal in life is to keep my family happy.I think you look great, like a sexy strong and confident woman should look like, but at the same time I care about your health and your happiness to. I am here to back you up like a husband should and will also try to commit to a healthier lifestyle. As long as your happy so am I. I love you.

@WilliamNewhall said...

The key to fighting bad habits is making good habits.
The key to making good habits is chaining them on to habits you already have. If you like watching TV, try watching it on a stationary bike.