Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yuck, blah and ehhhh whatev's

It's been one of those things.  You know, one of those things where no matter what your intentions things go to shit?  I started off the week so strong with conviction.  I quit my job on Tuesday.  And while I miss the job after I did it I felt like a weight had lifted.  I thought we were in a position where I could go back to work but we're just not.  Quitting was the right thing to do for me and my family.
Wednesday seemed pretty good.  Was going to walk the munchkin to school, but when we went to walk out the door it was kinda raining so I decided to drive him.  Should've walked because by the time I got us loaded into the car it had stopped raining.  After school there was a book fair so we stayed for that and bought two new books for the munchkin.  When we left there my throat was sore, had been for a couple days.  So I went to the ER, just in case ya know?  After two (count 'em TWO!) cases of strep in a month I was being somewhat cautious.  Especially since I'm here by myself with the kiddos for a month.  Fortunately it wasn't strep.  But I am sick.  Not so sick that I can't do anything.  But sick enough that I know if I over-do I'll be too sick to do anything.  So I'm slowly getting this house in shape.  Finally got Tommy's room cleaned up.  It was beginning to look like Toy R Us had thrown up all over it.  Next up, to FINALLY get my office done.  It's been on the list since we moved in.  6 months ago.

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