Monday, February 16, 2015


Wow!  It has been one busy month.  Busy in a good way?  Not really.  Unless you think sick kids are fun, then this month would have been awesome for you.  We've had bronchitis, ear infections, stomach bugs, and pink eye.  It's been a regular Lysol fest over here.  I think it's been since December since both of my kids have been healthy at the same time.  If either one gets sick again any time soon, I'm going to just start bathing them in Lysol.  Hourly.
So I've finished with my classes.  Still have some work to get done before student teaching, but it's just forms to fill out.  And I need to call the school board here and find out if I need to do my fingerprints again, or if the ones I did in December '13 will work.  I also have to get ahold of my student loan lenders and figure out how to do some deferrals on those puppies until I finish student teaching.  Which is not happening until August (fingers crossed!) so that means I'm out of school for six months.
The house is coming along.  Working on it little by little.  But at least it no longer looks like a nuclear bomb exploded up in this biznatch.  Plus, Hubby FINALLY got the garage/ManCave cleaned up.  That means I no longer have camping gear piled in the dining room.
Camping gear, you ask?  Well, that's a post for another day!

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