Thursday, December 5, 2013

Just put one foot in front of the other

     This week I started my observation hours.  Getting my degree from UoP means that some requirements are just for Florida, and some are straight up university requirements.  And this week I learned that the 100 required hours is just for UoP students - not required by the state.  But that's ok.  I wanted lots of field experience.  It's why I went for the MA and did not go the alternative route. 
     I observed at a local high school, not far from my house.  I can observe any K-12 class, but I'm hoping to be able to do all of it in a high school setting since that is what I will be getting my master's degree in.  The teacher that allowed me to observe was really nice and funny.  A really great teacher.  Her classroom management style is almost effortless.  But I'm guessing that it is absolutely not. Especially in one class that is very.... rowdy. 
    She sat and talked to me about the school.  It has a high population of free/reduced lunch, and a lot of the kids come from...a disadvantaged background.  She told me that some of their backgrounds would just break your heart and it is a difficult balance between being compassionate and being taken for a sucker.  Because some of the kids would milk your sympathy for everything they can get. 
     I'm even more excited to start teaching after doing just 8 hours of observing.  I don't really know what it was about that setting that got me fired up, but it did.  I think that deep down everyone wants to be a good student and get that feeling of accomplishment when they get a good grade.  Knowing that their hard work has paid off.  And I think that's because way back when, I was one of those kids.  My backstory isn't horrific or horrendous, but it sure wasn't all that easy at times.  My mom and dad did the best they could, but sometimes life sucks.  And even though I was sitting there mouthing off to the teacher and giving student teachers absolute hell, I wanted the good grade. 
     And that's enough maudlin talk for one night!  Kids are in bed, house is picked up, and homework can wait.  It's Thursday night and that means Grey's and a glass of wine!

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